Let’s reSTART.

Let’s reSTART.

We uttered a strange word ‘lockdown’ more than any other

We lived more in our living rooms & discovered new spaces

We heard interesting sounds from the nature around us

We saw beautiful sights of clear skies, mountainscapes, blue waters and more

We appreciated the little things in life that didn’t qualify to grab our attention before

We dressed less only to show half of ourselves on video calls

We discovered our hidden talents, rekindled interests and more

We grew our hair as the only significant growth to never-before lengths

We binge-watched Netflix, Prime, YouTube and more

We worshipped online and we even carolled virtually

We spoke more to the near and dear ones

We remembered and called the ones that are far away

We worried, we feared, we lamented, we went depressed

But, we learnt, we challenged ourselves, we acquired new skills, we stepped up to take on challenges, we changed.

WE SURVIVED! Thank God we did!

Wishing you all a ‘virus-free’ & blessed 2021 that may hold the best for a better you & me to excel & win BIG.


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